Eat the Invaders

This site, Eat the Invaders, is about fighting invasive species by eating them.  Being vegan, I’m not so keen on eating the animals, but I love the idea of eating the plants.

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Ukrainian Moth Attacks Swallowwort

Canada has approved release of an alien moth to combat the invasive alien plant swallowwort.  USDA is considering.

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Rotary Sunshine Camp

I was volunteering at Rotary Sunshine Camp near Rochester, NY and had 45 minutes to spare, so I poked around their wild areas.  There were a variety of invasives, but nothing totally taking over, possibly excepting the mugwort.  I wasn’t seeing that much mugwort in the Finger Lakes, but I sure see it here.  There was a fair amount of Crown Vetch as well.

Finding the Wild Coffee plant was a real treat.

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Buckland Park

I tramped through the back fields at Buckland Park, Rochester, NY and found some invasives but nothing taking over, with the possible exception of Elecampane in one area.  IMapInvasives wasn’t tracking Elecampane, but I emailed them and they decided to add it even though it hasn’t been a problem in NY so far; that could change with the climate.

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Corbett’s Glen

I took a walk through the southern area of Corbett’s Glen in Rochester, NY and found some nice natives, but unfortunately, except for the trees and a cattail swamp, I’d say 80% of what I saw was alien invasive.  There were swaths of mugwort and swallowwort throughout.  I contacted the town to tell them about the Japanese Knotweed, which seemed to be just a few plants in one area = great opportunity to stop it right now before seeding.

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More on the beach

Soon we’ll be leaving the cottage for the summer.  I discovered several plants newly blooming or previously overlooked on the beach or nearby in the woods:

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Japanese Knotweed

Jennifer at iMapInvasives suggested it would be useful if I reported some locations of Japanese Knotweed in Seneca County, so the next time I was driving down route 89 I kept my eyes open and pulled over to take photos and location notes.  They are blooming now so very easy to spot at 55 mph.

These represent two locations, one a quarter mile south of the RR tracks just south of 5 & 20, and the other by Dean’s Cove.

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